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The U.S.S. Atlantis series of high-power rockets have been my favorite large-scale rocketry projects of the last couple of years. Yes, they fly! The original U.S.S. Atlantis was based on an old kit that Estes produced in the late 1970's, the only difference being that my verson was much larger. Scaling up old fondly-remembered kits is popular among high-power rocketeers, and I particularly liked the U.S.S. Atlantis as a subject since it had that Star-Trek feel, and was a unique rocket--not the standard "three fins and a tube" configuration.

Dave and AltlantisSometimes I get carried away!
My original Atlantis flew four times before its premature demise due to an electronics problem (I have future plans for building a duplicate of this model once again). At the time of it's "self-destruction," I already had the second version under construction.

Me n' Atlantis B
The second Atlantis model I designed to look like an updated version of the original, of the same basic design, but with enough differences to make it look like the original ship had undergone a "refit." I am particularly proud of this model, as it contains quite a bit more detail than the original, and has flown several times successfully.

Prepping Atlantis B
The second Atlantis was designed to fly on J-K impulse Aerotech hybrid motors, and carries two sets of electronics for recovery, one to serve as backup for the other. I look forward to flying this model again once the new flying season rolls around. The U.S.S. Atlantis models have been crowd pleasers, having each won a people's choice award at the yearly Midwest Regional Fun-Fly, a popular two-day rocketry event that in 1996 flew close to 1000 rockets! For more information about the original U.S.S. Atlantis, and complete details of it's construction, refer to the November 1995 back issue of High Power Rocketry "The Flight of the U.S.S. Atlantis," where I describe my work on the model. A second article on the latest Atlantis model is in the works...

Launch Photo By Norm HeyenLaunch Photo By Norm Heyen
Left: The original Atlantis cought just at the moment of ignition by Norman Heyen's camera. This photo was taken just before her first flight on an Aerotech reloadable I-284.

Right: The fire and smoke of another I-284 propel Atlantis to it's third sucessful flight at NIRA's Eat Cheese or Fly '95. This Norman Heyen Photo also appeared on page 3 of the November-December 1996 issue of Sport Rocketry.

Read more about the first USS Atlantis in High Power Rocketry, November 1995, The Flight of The USS Atlantis.
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